Introduction to Agent Dash!

Agent Dash is one of the many running games made for smartphones and tablets! Agent Dash is similar to Temple Run due the fact you Swipe up to jump, swipe down to duck under objects. But instead of using the accelerometer to move your character and pick up the items that seem to be scattered on the ground, you have to use your finger to guide your character! So you are a super spy who rushes through enemy bases destroying everything which stands on your path! Now isn’t that amazing? I know that if you had the chance to destroy everything you have and get those items back, you would do it, because destroying stuff is pretty damn fun! In this game you have plenty of power ups for your weapons which means that destroying stuff is going to be even more fun! If you take a look towards the picture on the your right side, you are able to see a picture of the game which might be the actual reason for you to actually download the game! The game is free to play and costs nothing but time and frustration! Well, what do you mean, frustration? Want to pick up those diamonds to the right of the screen but can only turn left? You might need to forgo to your diamond picking in order to stay alive. The game is an absolute time-taker! You’ll start playing it at, let’s say 12 AM and in a flash of seconds it’ll be 6 PM! The game is very addictive and people say that’s it’s one of the funniest games for iPads/iPhones!


Who is Agent Dash?!

Who is Agent Dash? I can tell you, he’s a very clumsy Agent! The queen of Britain has hired him as it’s believed that he’s the best in the country! I’m sure that you’ve already noticed that Agent Dash is pretty similar to Johnny English. Very clumsy and ridiculous! For all of you who don’t know who Johnny English is, here’s some information about him. He’s a fictional character who is played by the famous actor Rowan Atkinson, also known as Mr. Bean. And if you want to know how Rowan looks like in that movie, here’s a little picture:

Lately, he got into big problems. The queen is sending him all across the county where he’s facing lots of challenges, risking his life every day. We are talking about Volcano’s, haunted villages, missions under water and even space! The queen is obviously providing him with all the equipment he needs. Such as jetpacks, weapons and most of high quality gadgets. All together combined you get a catastrophe! I’m a hundred percent sure that you have a clumsy friend which always messes up something, don’t you? Now imagine that friend working for your country and having all the weapons he needs? Risking his life every day which makes you wonder how he’s still alive?! Now that’s Agent Dash!